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Coordinates Attribute Editor

The Coordinates Attribute Editor is available for setting attributes like “x”, “y”, “width” and “height”.


The attributes shown in the Coordinates Attribute Editor are context-sensitive.  The panel shown above is for editing a <rect> element.  For a <circle> element, a different set of attributes will be displayed for editing: “cx”, “cy”, and “r”.

For rectangular elements like <rect> and <image>, when the “Proportional Width/Height” checkbox is checked, a change to the “width” or “height” attributes will adjust both value to preserve the element’s current aspect ratio.

A pop-up menu for each attribute is available to set the unit of measurement.  The available units are “em”, “ex”, “px”, “pt”, “pc”, “cm”, “mm”, “in”, and “%”.

Each attribute also has a stepper control for making incremental adjustments to the values with a mouse click.


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