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Using macSVG with other software

Using macSVG with WordPress

By default, WordPress does not display SVG documents.  However, it is possible to install WordPress plug-ins to allow SVG documents to be displayed and managed like standard image files.

One WordPress plug-in used on this site is the SVG Support plug-in.  The “Restrict to Administrators” option is recommended.  It is advisable to analyze security issues before allowing non-administrators to upload SVG documents to your WordPress.  If in doubt, it is safer to use the “Restrict to Administrators” option.

The Google Chrome web browser may have problems displaying SVG documents in some situations, particularly on setting the height of the SVG document.  A possible workaround for this problem is to embed the SVG document in an HTML5 <iframe> element, perhaps with JavaScript set the iframe’s height attribute accordingly.

Using macSVG with Inkscape

Inkscape is a high-quality open-source application for SVG design, and it is useful with macSVG.  Inkscape provides many import and drawing capabilities that macSVG currently lacks, and macSVG can be used to add animation to SVG documents created with SVG.

Inkscape has some notes on SVG at

Using macSVG with Google Chrome Browser

In April 2015, Google has announced its intention to deprecate SMIL animation in the Chrome browser, in favor of JavaScript

But on August 17, 2016, the Chromium development team announced that SVG SMIL animation will remain as a supported feature in Chrome until viable CSS standards are available for the current SMIL functions:

“However, your feedback has made it clear that removing SMIL today would be taking away a feature that our community relies on. For example, the most common use case of SMIL is to animate SVG content inside image tags. While in theory CSS animations can animate this content, there are still missing features and bugs on all platforms that make SMIL a better option for now. For example, motion-path, path morphing, and the subset of SVG properties for which animation is supported all vary between platforms and browsers.”

So SVG SMIL will remain available in Chrome for the foreseeable time. The open-source macSVG application currently has basic support for inline CSS editing, which could evolve to support SVG CSS animation someday.

Using macSVG as a development tool for iOS and macOS apps


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