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Importing Resources into the SVG Document

macSVG supports several methods for importing assets into an SVG document, including drag-and-drop mouse operations into the document outline view and the web view.

Importing items by dropping into the document outline view provides the advantage of inserting the items to any specific location in the document structure.  The other method, dropping into the web view, will use the currently selected item in the document outline view as the insertion point, or append the item to the end of the document if no items are currently selected.

The kinds of assets that can be imported are SVG files, PNG images and JPEG images.  The sources for drag-and-drop importing include the Finder desktop, images displayed in web browsers, and URLs.  To drag an SVG document from Safari web browser into macSVG, drag the URL in the Safari location box to the macSVG document outline view or the web view.

Images and SVG files can also be imported into the <image> Element Editor, then placed in the web view with mouse click operations.

Using the SVG <foreignObject> element, HTML5 elements can be embedded in a SVG document, including HTML5 video.

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